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ChewsDay Challenge

Frequently Asked Questions

(1) What is ChewsDay Challenge?
ChewsDay Challenge is brought to you as a two-way partnership between Play with Your Food (PwYF) & Boston Pizza. The ChewsDay Challenge series of events is part of an initiative to host a public weekly game night that is welcoming to new members and is a way for people new to boardgames to experience a beginner friendly atmosphere. It is an event suitable for people new to designer board games or veterans of the hobby to come out, meet 'n' greet, and play some games. This is held at a great location with full food and beverage service. Come on out and try some games. The style and types of games are as varied as the people who play them. This is an opportunity to play Designer Board Games, Social Games, Strategy Games, Card Games, Wargames and many other types.

(2) What types of games are played at ChewsDay Challenge?
The short answer is, all games! Designer board games, wargames, strategy games, card games, and role playing games are just some of the types and all are welcome.  However there are a few things to consider:
      (a) Mature Subject Matter
            Boston Pizza is a family restaurant and ChewsDay Challenge is a family friendly event. Games that might offend (ex. Cards Against Humanity, Personally Incorrect) are not suitable for ChewsDay Challenge.
      (b) Table Space
            There is limited table space and the tables won't be able to support very large games (ex. the combined boards of Axis & Allies Europe & Pacific).  We ask that larger-sized games be planned for 7:30 and later after Boston Pizza's dinner rush when we can spill out into the dining area if needed, and with the restaurant's permission (speak to the ambassador who will co-ordinate this for you).  Please be considerate when choosing your table area to maximize player density.

(3) Who should attend a ChewsDay Challenge?
People who enjoy playing games and enjoy the social interaction of gathering to play a game. These events encourage all levels of attendees, whether you have been playing board games for years or are just interested in learning more about the hobby. This is a non-competitive, family-friendly environment to come out and play.

FYI: If you plan to attend as a group, please post in advance so the ChewsDay Challenge team can make sure there are games and teachers aplenty to make sure your night is full of fun and gaming goodness.

(4) Do I have to know how to play a game before joining?
No. ChewsDay Challenge is a beginner friendly atmosphere.  Newbies welcome! Even if you play board games often there are bound to be games you have never played before.  Each game has a teacher who will be able to explain the rules.  It is recommended that the game teacher have played the game before.  If not it is a good idea to have done some research into how the game works beforehand to make the experience more enjoyable for everyone.

(5) Does it cost anything to attend?
This is a free event brought to you by Play with Your Food (PwYF) & Boston Pizza. If you order food or beverages please remember to pay your bill and support the waitstaff. 

(6) Do I have to sign up for a game on the forum?
You do not have to. This is a drop in style event and people come and go as they please picking up a game as they can when they get there. We ask that you post on the forum that you are planning to attend as that helps give Boston Pizza an idea of attendance. Signing up for a game on the forum helps ensure you get to play the game you want. It also helps plan out your evening so you can get as much gaming in as you want. There are usually spur of the moment games that start up and when you get to ChewsDay Challenge you will see "Players Wanted" signs to help you get involved in a game. If you show up without signing up for a game there is a chance that all the games might be full or in progress and you might have to wait before a new game begins.

(7) Are there games available to borrow?
There is a small library of games that is maintained for ChewsDay Challenge. They are generally set out on a table beside the registration badges. Have a look or ask the ambassador that evening and they can give you some assistance.

(8 ) What is an ambassador?
Ambassadors are the people that plan and bring you the ChewsDay Challenge events. They help make ChewsDay Challenge inviting to new people. They will help you make a name tag and help you get started in a game. They also run the event so if you have any questions or problems let the ambassador know.

(9) Can I order food while playing?
Due to the limited table space we ask that you do not eat food in the game area. Consider that you are playing with someone's personal copy of a game and they likely don't want grease on their game pieces.  There are 3 booths in the dining area reserved for ChewsDay Challenge guests. A number of people arrive at Boston Pizza at 5 pm and eat there before playing games. If it is your game and you don't mind people eating around it, you can host your game in the reserved booths or in the dining area with the restaurant's permission.

(10) Why do I have to wear a name tag?
The name tags are for everyone's benefit. Lots of people attend ChewsDay Challenge and it is impossible to remember everyone's name. Being able to know people's names makes game play much more friendly. The name tags are also required by Boston Pizza to help the staff serve us. Once you've made a name tag it will be stored at ChewsDay Challenge for you to use the next time you attend an event. Remember to put your name tag back before you go home.

General Venue/Event Information

Partners Responsible for bringing you ChewsDay Challenge
Play with Your Food:
This is the "Community" focus of the PwYF charity event. Play board games to fight food insecurity – Play with Your Food is a community-based fundraiser where teams compete to raise money throughout the year to qualify for the 24-hour in-person celebratory gaming event. All funds raised go directly to Carmichael Outreach to help them battle food security, poverty and homelessness in Regina, Saskatchewan.
"Have Fun - Do Good - Be Awesome"

Boston Pizza:
Boston Pizza North Albert is very happy to support the gaming community & will be providing the space in the restaurant every Tuesday night for these events. There is no entry fee for the event & it is open to everyone. We have a diverse menu launching and are fully licensed. Come down, have a bite to eat & a beverage of your choosing & enjoy some fun & games.
"We're here to make you happy!"

Boston Pizza North Albert Street
545 Albert Street N.
Regina, SK  S4R 8E2

Hours of Operation
ChewsDay Challenge takes place every Tuesday with games starting at 6:30pm and you can stay until 11:30pm if you want. Feel free to come by early for supper beforehand.

Age Limits
Children under the age of 16 should be accompanied by a guardian or adult during these events.


Food & Beverage
Full Boston Pizza menu available. Please note that drinks are present in the gaming area. PwYF and Boston Pizza cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage of property that is brought to ChewsDay Challenge.

A lot of parking available.
Have Fun - Do Good - Be Awesome