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Matt Robertson
Matt is an avid board game enthusiast, amateur disc golfer, poker player, single malt scotch drinker, enjoys camping (tent), canoeing, lover of travel, and is a chronic event organizer. He loves the magic of building community and bringing people together in camaraderie.

Chelsea Low
Chelsea is all about bringing people together and if that involves board games, all the better! A natural leader, Chelsea coaches volleyball, co-chairs the Play with Your Food Fundraiser, and works hard to expand the board game community within Regina.

Kathy Lewis
Kathy loves a variety of board games including long all day epics. When she is not playing board games, she like to engage in a variety of outdoor activities. Hiking, Camping (tent), snow shoeing, Cross-Country Skiing, Pickleball, Disc Golf, and especially multi-day canoe trips in the pristine North.

Henrik Steenbock
Henrik loves all kinds of games, both on the table and online. Anything challenging with strategic thinking is welcome and no game is too epic or long. For Henrik, games are a great way to socialize and meet awesome new people. Outside of games, he enjoys immersive novels, disc golf, and lots of travelling.

Ryan Newell
Ryan loves board games for many reasons: the strategy and decision-making; the emerging stories; the laughs; and most importantly, they're a great way to enjoy time with family and friends. Ryan has lived in Regina and now Saskatoon, and has made lasting friendships through his love of games in both places.

Jen Rediger
Jen has been a board game lover since she was a young kid, often spending an entire day playing games with her younger brother.  She jumped into the modern world of board gaming in 2018, with Lords of Waterdeep as her gateway game, and hasn't looked back since! Her favourite game as a kid was Careers, and while she still loves to play it, there so many other new faves that she can't name just one as her top game choice! Top Three will have to suffice; Terraforming Mars, Wingspan & Castles of Burgundy.

Richard Sandstra
Richard is new to the Play with Your Food event but not new to board gaming. Board games and card games have always been a favourite pastime for Richard and family. He enjoys anytime spent with his family and also loves camping, fishing, and sports. Richard is excited to play a part in this amazing fundraising effort for Carmichael Outreach and the community that they serve here in Regina.

Mac Grassick
Mac is a huge football fan, both North American & English. Favourite leisure time activities would include playing D&D with friends, video games(mostly Skyrim), playing both board games & card games & spending time with the family. In the warmer months I love traveling with family, to visit family, all around Canada & occasionally beyond & enjoying being in nature & absorbing as much of it as I can.

Tamara Harder
Tamara has been playing board games for as long as she can remember.  (Anyone else remember Stay Alive or Holly Hobbie Wishing Well Game?) Now she is interested in everything from party games and dexterity games to day-long epics and all games in between.  When not playing board games, Tamara loves to travel, participate in way too many other hobbies, enjoy a good beer or a good cup of coffee, and spend time with friends.

Kristy Smith
Kristy has been on the board game scene since 2010. She enjoys all kinds of games, but especially worker placement Euro games! Kristy is so grateful that the hobby she loves has opened her up to a whole community of amazing people who she now calls friends. Outside of board games, Kristy enjoys camping and pretty much anything... as long as the time is spent with the people she loves and enjoys.

Al Hudson
Born in a galaxy far, far away, Al is the orphaned last survivor of a human-like alien race.  As luck would have it, Al discovered the board game hobby a little before COVID.  Al is now hoping to interact with humans on a more regular basis.

Rosemarie Opitz
Rosemarie loves to play board games.  She also like to scrapbook, watch movies, and TV shows.  She has played board games since was young but only really got into regularly since December, 2017.  She also loves to travel and spend time with my family.  She also enjoys watching football, reading fiction, taking walks, and spending time at the beach.

Shane Hadland
Shane has been a dedicated board game fan since he played his first game of Cosmic Encounter back in 2011.  From then on its all about gathering great groups of friends together to share laughs, great beer, friendly trash talk, and immersing into the reality of a different world. When Shane is not thinking about cardboard and wooden pieces, he's juggling his time around enjoying vinyl records, live music, home brewing, camping, fishing, hunting, video gaming, and traveling. Shane is always down to try something new and teach his favorite games.

Mick Rissling
Mick Rissling is new to Play With Your Food and associated activities but has been a gamer for a long time! Board games, card games, and video games have been an important part of his life since childhood and remains his primary leisure activity, mainly with his wife who is also an avid gamer but also with anyone willing to sit down for a play or two. He likes play a variety of games, from light party games to heavy euros, abstract and thematic, cooperative and competitive. Mick's non-gaming interests include science and science education, cycling, movies/TV, cooking, camping, and spending time with his family.

Jon Hoffman
Jon fell down the board game rabbit hole in 2020 when the blokes at Shut Up & Sit Down talked him into buying Concordia. Since then, his life has been a fever dream of rulebooks and meeples from which he hopes to never wake. Outside of board games, Jon's 10 favourite things are stand-up comedy, Tom Waits, cereal, plotless novels, Judd Apatow, the rain, coffee, Europe, cats, and top 10 lists.
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